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The Legend of Bhirgu Maha shastra

M aharishi Bhrigu is known as the father of Hindu Astrology and were entrusted with the task of maintaining righteousness on earth. He was a prophet, an enlightened soul, who could transcend time in respect of past, present and future and make predictions to guide human beings for their own welfare.

Maharishi Bhrigu was one of the Saptarshis in ancient India, born out of the wish of the Brahma.

He was one of the many Prajapatis who facilitated creations created by Brahma. The first compiler of predictive astrology, and also the author of Bhrigu Samhita, the astrological (Jyotish) classic written during the Vedic period, Treta yuga


Out of compassion for mankind, Maharishi gave revelation to human beings so that they could cope up with the problems & pressures they come across in life and take the path of Moksha, their ultimate goal. He gave these revelations and wrote predictions for only those persons whom he could foresee as the ones who would seek his refuse and consult him in ages to come.

When the supreme powers saw the human kind in deep pain and problems, so they decided to perform a “Yagya”

Maharishi Bhrigu answered only the creators of the world can lead us. Narad ji replied, that only one supreme power out of Bhrama, Vishnu & Mahesh can head this Yagya.

And Narad ji very cleverly gave this task to Maharishi Bhrigu to find out who can lead the Yagya Maharishi Bhrigu first decided to visit Lord Bhrama in a disguise of a Bhrahman, but Lord Bhrama was busy writing vedas and did not pay any attention towards him.

In anger, Maharishi Bhrigu gave curse to Lord Bhrama that he will not be worshipped in this world.

Lord Bhrama folded his hands and asked for forgiveness, as without him the world shall have nothing.

So Maharishi Bhrigu relaxed his curse as Lord Bhrama was his father. He said that wherever on planet Earth Lord Bhrama throws his lotus flower there said be a temple of Lord Bhrama. This is currently situated in Pushkar (Rajasthan). Then Maharishi Bhrigu went to Lord Shiva to see to it if he was capable of undertaking the task of performing the MahaYagya. When he reached Kailash – the Holy Mountain.

He saw Shiv Gann (bodyguards) standing on the doors of the Kailash. Maharishi Bhrigu requested them that he wanted to see Lord Shiva as he had some urgent piece of work.

Shiv Gann flatly refused Maharishi Bhrigu, saying that Lord Shiva was busy. Maharishi Bhrigu wanted to know that in which work Lord Shiva is busy that he refused to meet me.

He Immediately with his powers & immense intuitive mind saw that Lord Shiva is busy with Ma Parwati in Stree Raman.

Maharishi Bhrigu felt insulted and requested them again to at least give him the message that he had come to see him on which Shiv gann got angry and pulled out there weapons to attack on Maharishi Bhrigu.

At this Bhrigu Ji got annoyed and gave Shiv the curse that in kalyug no one will ever worship you in this world.

But it was too late, Maharishi Bhrigu had already cursed him and the curse’s can not be taken back but could only be altered.

Lord Shiv requested to forgive him and told him that it all happened out of shear ignorance and he had no intention of insulting him.

Then Bhrigu Ji told him that the curse can not be taken back and told him that in Kalyug he would be worshiped in the form of Ling and not in his original form. That is why we all worship Shiv Ling in the temples and not his murti form.

Then at last Maharishi Bhrigu went to Vaikunth to see if Lord Vishnu was capable of carrying out the Yagya. When he reached there he saw Lord Vishnu was in Sesh Sagar resting on his Sesh Naag and Maha Laxmi sitting in his feet was serving him with her devotion.

Already annoyed with the two Lords –Brahma and Shiv, Maharishi Bhrigu thought that Lord Vishnu, despite of seeing him, had failed to greet him which again displeased Maharishi Bhrigu.

So out of anger Maharishi Bhrigu kicked Vishnu Ji in his chest. On this Vishnu Ji woke up from his sleep and was very calm. On the contrary he was worried about the foot of Maharishi Bhrigu.

He folded his hands and asked Maharishi Bhrigu if he was ok and then took his cloth and started padding his foot and said that he was worried because he was too strong to be hurt by the blow but Maharishi Bhrigu foot might be hurting as they were as soft as a flower.

On hearing this Maharishi Bhrigu anger calmed and he then only decided that Vishnu was the perfect one to be the head of this universe. Lord Vishnu told him that he will always carry his foot print on his chest as a memory and will memorize it as “ BHRIGU LANCHAN ”. Goddess Laxmi who was sitting there could not bear the insult of her husband and at the same time.

Maha Laxmi said, “Maharishi Bhrigu, how dare you hit Shree Narayana, Shree Bakht Vatsal, Lord of Sumpoorna universe on his chest & my husband. I, Maha Laxmi, curse you & your complete family that in homes of all brahmins Laxmi will never come to you. All brahmins will live on Bhiksha Yapan.”

Then Maharishi Bhrigu realised that in fit of anger what blunder he had made & felt guilty about it. Then requested with folded hands in front of Maha Laxmi he said, “Hey Maha Laxmi please take your curse back. As I am the person responsible, why should my off-springs & family bear the curse? Please take your curse back, I humbly request you.”

Maharishi Bhrigu continued, “Why should the brahmins who have not taken birth also be a part of this shraap in years to come. Please have some mercy on them and just make me the part of the shraap (curse).” Maharsihi Bhrigu also requested Lord Vishnu and told Maha Laxmi that he will create such a book in which on every leaf Lord Vishnu will reside and where Vishnu goes Laxmi will also accompany him as she cannot live without Vishnu and she resides in his heart.