About Maharishi Bhirigu

Maharishi Bhirigu is 8th ManasPutra(Son Born Out of Wish) of Lord Brahma.

Maharishi Bhirugu is also called Prajapati (creator) as he was created by Lord Brahma to help in process of creation of univershe.

Maharishi Bhrigu was one of the Saptarshis in ancient India, born out of the wish of the Brahma.

Once maharishi bhirgu is asked to decide the asked the Head of yoga(Sprituial ritual) being perfomed.He had the choices of in the form Lord Shiva,Lord Vishnu and his father,Lord Brahma.

He choose the worthy Candidate by going to each of three.When found Lord Brahma too busy creation of univershe not giving time to sage,he outrightly Lord Brahma candidature and not only that he even went on to curse his own father that there will not be a single temple where Lord Brahma will ever be worshipped , not immune to proceedings,Lord Brahma waking up to events and realizing his mistakes, Lord Brahma apologised to Maharishi Bhirgu,who immediatly forgave Lord Brahma waking up to events and realising mistake Lord Brahma apologised to Maharishi Bhirgu who immediatly, forgave Lord Brahma saying there was no reason for being apologetic and there will be at least one temple where Lord Brahma will be worshipped . To date Lord's Brahma temple is in puskar, Rajasthan.

Finally,Lord Vishnu was selected as the head of yoga. The process was not simple,as godess Lakshmi,Wile of Lord Vishnu, thought other wise and curshed Maharishi Bhirgu for being biased against Lord Vishnu and that of Maharishi Bhirgu, had saved his father,Lord Brahma for etra responsbilities. The cursed was that from that moment onwards,no Brahmin(the uppermost caste,according to(hindu mythology) will ever be able to accumlate and store lakshmi(money).

Maharishi Bhirgu took the curse in his stride and promised goddess he would not let Brahmins suffer for his mistake, if any.He further went on to say he will create a book that would contain the grace of Lord Vishnu on each of its page,reading each every Brahmin,and that for matter every a non Brahmin,would come out and mesry and poverty.Not only confined to moneatry benefits,this amazing piece of hard work will also allow the human surge with ahead with prosperity and overall devlopment from humanity to divinity.Lord Vishnu graced his book with not only his on own blessing but the blessings of each of every god and goddess on each page.

The work of Bhirgu Shastram started as conversational account between Lord Sukra and Maharishi Bhirgu,documentd by Lord Ganesha on leaves of a tree.Till date,whichever sage,see or schlor has been able to decipher on the original text of his miraculas scripture,has been benifited,both wordly as well as spritually.

Maharishi Bhirgu was married to,KHAYATI,the daughter of DAKSHA.He had two sons DHATA and VIDHATA & daughter SRI also known as MAHALKASHMI wife of LORD VISHNU DHATA had as a son MARKANDU father of famous RISHI MARKANDEY.Maharishi Bhirgu had two more sons as "DATAYAGURU SUKRACHAYA" CHYAVAN RISHI & PULOMA USHANA.

USHANA was daugter of HIRANYAKASIPU & Sukracharya was the grandson of HIRANYAKASIPU.

So Maharishi Bhrigu relaxed his curse as Lord Bhrama was his father. He said that wherever on planet Earth Lord Bhrama throws his lotus flower there said be a temple of Lord Bhrama. This is currently situated in Pushkar (Rajasthan). Then Maharishi Bhrigu went to Lord Shiva to see to it if he was capable of undertaking the task of performing the MahaYagya. When he reached Kailash – the Holy Mountain.

He saw Shiv Gann (bodyguards) standing on the doors of the Kailash. Maharishi Bhrigu requested them that he wanted to see Lord Shiva as he had some urgent piece of work.

SSUKRACHAYA was married to JAYANI daughter of LORD INDRA & had four sons & every famous daughter known as DEVYANI. She was married to king YAYATI & two sons named as YADU & TUVASU. YADU was the first king of YADUVANSH.

CHYAVAN RISHI was born PULOMA and married to Arushi daughter VAIVASTA MANU and Sukanya daughter of vedic king SHARYATI & and three sons as ARUVA, APNAVANA APNAVAN &DADICHI.