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About Bhrigushree Guruma

About Jyotishacharya Bhrigushree Gurumaa, who is deeply immense in decoding the secrets contained in Bhrigu Shastram and is currently member Director of the team, and has helped compile her efforts, along with the team’s, into a book called Bhrigu MahaShastra.

She has left no stone unturned from the great Himalayan range to the shores of river Ganga in covering the lengths and breadths of India as well as abroad wherever she had been told that original Bhrigu Shastram leaves could be available. Bhrigushree Monica provides healing,

anushthan’(remedies) and products based on astrology to enrich the lives of others and helping some come out of mental and some even physical ailments, possibly finding a solution in Bhrigu Shastram. She has been involved in various projects for up liftmen of dyslexic children & skills enhancements. Based out of Delhi, operates from her sacred temple for the last decade and is the only Bhrighu astrologer on the panel of Times of India’s India times Astros peak, speaking tree.

Bhrigushree's office is flooded with people, both common as well as celebrities coming from all over the world. She, without taking any honor for her knowledge and hard work, gives credit to Bhrigu MahaShastra for all the remedies she offers. She has inherited the traits from her family, which originally belonged to Sialkot, in Pakistan.

She has made privacy and secrecy her motto in this esteemed profession, but practices utter transparency with her clients. Her motto is Excellence hence setting and resetting the standards of astrology in this modern world and truly epitomizes ancient astrology in modern days. She is also mentoring young astrologers who look up to her for an insight into this science, combined with her personal experiences.

She says that the hardest part in astrology is to differentiate what to be told when and how, for a simple statement could mean a lot of different things to different people and this is why astrology is both an art as well as science. She has been also actively involved in Women empowerment projects via imparting training in related astrological sciences, Ayurveda, tarot, Healing, crystal therapy, meditations & yoga hence miracoulsly making a difference & providing adequate trainings for future growth & professional output.

BhriguShastram the epitome of faith has been involved in various social up liftmen projects in the guidance of BhriguShree for the welfare of women & children. She has been applauded in the field of astrology & been showered with various awards & recognitions. In 2014 with "Gem of India" award, & "Excellence award in the field of astrology & social up liftmen. BhriguShree has also been writing articles for astrological awareness, life solutions, solutions to various life problems with the help of astrology, Ayurveda, yoga & healing with TOI group in Speaking Tree every Sunday. She has been on the panel of various sites i.e Astros peak times of India site as Bhrigu Shastree guiding people